The End of US Netflix

Good Bye Ol’ Buddy, Ol’ Pal

So just as I decided to start up my movie review blog, Netflix has decided that now is the time they want to start blocking VPN services from accessing the catalogues of different countries. Leaving me stuck with the limited and at times dry selection of choices available on the Australian Netflix.

Now I am aware that obviously Netflix isn’t the only way to view movies, but for me it is the most convenient method. It’s also excellent way for me to discover or re-watch movies and to do so on a Students budget.

I understand the issues with Netflix and licensing, when unintended international audiences might be sneaking there way into watching season 6 of Archer but having to disable my VPN every time I want to watch Netflix is an annoyance and risk I want to avoid.

This recent change will likely increase TV and Movie piracy in most countries as that will once again become the most convenient why to stay up to date with our favourite shows and films. Piracy was once an issue that Netflix and other streaming services such as Spotify and Stan had a positive impact on.

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